You wanna know the best dang resource for migrating a SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 the Microsoft way? 

Small Business Server 2008 – Installation, Migration, and Configuration:

Buy the ebook.  As it has color pictures. Why do I say that it’s the best dang resource?  Because it takes the Microsoft Migration documents and shows you what screens should look like along the way.  I was reminded of this when I was helping someone and used it to double check a step.

But say you get stuck building a SBS 2008 box and it won’t complete the install… so there you are with a SBS 2003 and a 1/2 built SBS 2008 which means there is a new server now stuck in your AD… what do you do?  All is not lost, but this is where a System State backup right BEFORE you started the migration process is soooooooooo important.  Because then you can restore that system state and roll back to before the migration and start over…

Step one before you do this is to reset the DSRM password so you are sure you can log in.

Then you do a DSRM ‘boot’ mode so that you can restore the system state —

Once you do that, go back to Philip’s checklist as a guide — and redo step number 10 so that you are sure the AD is clean again

Run the IT health scanner tool –

And don’t forget to review all the “gotchas” that might nail you from here —

    1. The following are run from the command prompt to test Active Directory health:
    2. DCDiag
      • DCDiag [Enter]
      • DCDiag /test:DNS
      • DCDiag /? (List of switches)
    1. NetDiag
    2. RepAdmin
      • RepAdmin /viewlist *
      • RepAdmin /SyncAll
      • RepAdmin /KCC
    1. NetDom /query FSMO
  • And also rerun the to ensure your AD is clean and then rerun the source tool prep and start all over again.


    3 Responses to You wanna know the best dang resource for migrating a SBS 2003 to SBS 2008?

    1. Dean says:

      Why doesn’t the 2003 version of the document

      mention booting into Directory Services Restore Mode ?

    2. Dean says:

      One other question. If you were restoring a Domain Controller from a backup because of major failure I guess it would be a two step process. First you would restore everything EXCEPT the system state and then reboot into DSRM and restore the system state. Correct ?

    3. john says:

      windows sucks