Repairing WSUS 3 on SBS 2008

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To repair WSUS 3 on a SBS 2008 box is actually relatively easy (at least as compared to ripping out SBS 2003 monitoring and putting it back)

Repair Windows Server Update Services:

Make a c:\wsus and type in the commands to run the install

Check that the folders were installed


Once WSUS is reinstalled put back in the products (ALL products)

Select the classifications (I do all but drivers)

Ensure you do languages section (I missed that in the instructions the first time)

Manually type back in the categories

Ensure that the group policy settings are back in place (most of the time they are where they should be already)

And voila… green button not gray button again

If you can’t get it installed, dig out the log files.

First uncheck the button in folder view so that hidden files are seen (I ALWAYS DO THIS) and while you are there untick the “hide known file extensions”.

Under the c:\users\name of your admin\appdata\local\temp look for the WSUS setup logs

Review them and see what they say.  If something looks funky, holler!


12 Responses to Repairing WSUS 3 on SBS 2008

  1. marco says:

    after wsus tried to update itselt to SP2 it was broken. now i tried to repair it like you describe. BUT it can’t see my server in the Update Services tree anymore. and no way to add it over “connect to server”.
    no error in the log file… install successful
    i use german version of SBS 2008.
    any idea?

  2. Thomas Klevenberg says:

    This is fantastic!!! I have searched for a soulution on this problem for months, and I was going to make a big re-install of the server this weekend. Thanks to you, I dont have to. There is a lot of fixes on the net that explains how to correct the problem, but they are without the initial command.


  3. Jakob Nøtseth says:

    I have tried fixing the wsus 3 sp2 update now.
    I added the computer groups, told WSUS to use GPO’s to add computers, and double checked the GPO configuration.
    I now have gotten my updates back into the Updates tab in the sbs 2008 console (it takes a long time tough to refresh tough).
    On the Home tab, the updates status is still grey, and tells me that “The Software update configuration has been modified and no longer meets the recommended configuration.”
    Is there any more settings I need to configure/check?

  4. Eelco Winter says:

    I hav the exact same problem. I too am getting the error “The Software update configuration has been modified and no longer meets the recommended configuration.”

  5. admin says:

    … did you follow the instructions?

  6. Tom Wariner says:

    So is there any way to update the configuration (remove products from the selection list) and still have the console work? I mean I don’t need updates or patches for Exchange 2000 or SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft Works, etc. but if I unselect anything, then the SBS console won’t detect or report the status.

  7. Bill says:

    Thanks Diva; this did the trick for me!

  8. bradley says:

    But you won’t get the patches for Exchange 2000, it’s just making sure that if you add any new thing to the server you’ll get patches detected for the new thing.

    You can’t change the settings of the “all products” to anything else. That’s the key.

    All it’s doing is doing a detection. It’s not going to be downloading the patches.

  9. Andre says:

    I notice in the third screenshot that there are limited products available for download. I’ve got the same problem; no Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7, Office 2007 etc… Why are there no updates newer than 2003?

  10. bradley says:

    Give it 24 hours it will sync up and list more.

    To support Windows 7 however, you need to install WSUS 3 sp2.

  11. Andre says:

    Thanks Bradley. I checked this morning and there’s a list of updates a mile long.

  12. Tyler Wisenburg says:

    We tried to shortcut the downloading of new updates and just point it to our old WSUS directory. Doesn’t help. You have to remove all of the WSUS information and start from scratch. If not you get the error saying that “WSUS has turned off because it no longer meets the requirements.”