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Monday is the cut off for the early bird discount at SMBNation.  In full fairness, I get comped to go.  But I’m on the topic committee so if you don’t think it’s geeky enough for the Geekspeak track, please tell me so.

We have me, Dana Epp, Olliver Sommer on Windows 7 in the SMB space.  From getting crappy apps to run, to XPMode, to security, to the wows, you’ll hear it from us.

We have Mikael Nystrom on Win7 deployment using the deployment tools like the big guns do.

We have Kevin Royalty on Windows Home Server in the SMB world … and stay tuned ….some REAALLLLY exciting stuff coming from there.  You really do not want to miss that session… trust me…

We have Eriq Neale who’s going to be showcasing the latest from Apple (OSX server), IBM Lotus Foundations, Google docs, Jungle Drive and a bunch of other alternatives that are out there.

We have Karl Palachuk and Jeff Middleton on migration.  (yes the business of migration with the tech of migration in the SAME room)

We have Robert Crane on what you really need to know/do/extend with SharePoint

We have Dana Epp and Wayne Small on Virtualization for the SMB World

We have Charlie Russel on the wows and tweaks of Server 2008, from TS remote apps to Remote publishing, all sorts of hidden gems of the Server 2008 world.

But it’s not just about the sessions, it’s also about the ability to vent/rant/ask/talk/share/compare/talk to all the other folks that will be there.

Folks like Amy Babinchak.  Like Chad Gross.  Like Philip Elder.  Like Grey Lancaster.  And besides, you need to bet on when Wayne Small will be falling asleep this year…

“Your Community Confab – SMB Nation Fall 2009!”
Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT

Join us HERE.

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