The Official SBS Blog : Running Netsh on Windows 2008/Vista Causes Invalid Registry Entries to be Created:

 Before you just blow that blog post off as being command line stuff you don’t care about… consider that if you used a Vista especially early on pre SP1, you probably did that netsh command to connect to a hotel — Steve Riley on Security : Windows Vista vs. hotels:  (In my case I didn’t do that as I couldn’t get out to the Internet to remember the commands on the blog post and had to use my aircard instead).

Or you may have read this blog post –netsh int tcp set glo aut=dis to you too! – THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS “DIVA”:

Or this one — When putting a Vista computer on a SBS 2003 network – THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS “DIVA”:

Honestly I’ve not seen this byproduct, but I’ve only done this setting on a Vista, never to a SBS 2008 box.  But yeah if you’ve read any of my “how to put a Vista on a SBS network” in the last three years, you might want to examine which computers you did that to.


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