The time for 64 bit

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While I applaud the Microsoft partner program for mailing physical copies of Windows 7 to their Action pack recipients, they shipped the 32bit version of Windows 7.  I think this is the time to start moving folks to 64 bit.  Server 2008 R2 only ships in 64bit version.  Lauren’s HP laptop special is a 64 bit system. So why is Microsoft still pushing 32 bit on the folks that should be pushing the envelope?  Okay so I know that we’re also cheap, so that’s one reason to do 32 bit, but truly this is the time to start inventorying if you can move to 64bit.

Do the applications work in 64bit?  Does the hardware support XP Mode?  All of these topics (and more) will be discussed next week in Las Vegas at SMBnation.


3 Responses to The time for 64 bit

  1. Joe Raby says:

    I’d like to know what happened to Web Server. The image is no longer posted on the MAPS download page, and I’ve been complaining that they hadn’t updated it to Server 2008 Web Edition. Now with Server 2008 R2 posted and the RTM being pulled, I doubt there is any hope left in having any version of Web Server 08.

    Also, anybody that gets the web developer add-on kit didn’t get the full Expression Studio 3 like they did with version 2. Now, Microsoft is offering a package called “Expression Web 3”, which includes “Expression Web 3”, Expression Design 3, and Expression Encoder 3 – ONLY! No more Expression Blend or Media licenses are included, and the new Sketchflow only comes with Blend….and yet we still get a full copy of Visual Studio 2008 Standard. Go figure!

  2. Dean says:

    Now that Server 2008 R2 is out are they going to discontinue regular Server 2008 ?

  3. AdamV says:

    I totally agree, 64 bit really should be the way to go now, especially for those of us “eating our own dogfood” as leaders for our clients to follow. I downloaded the RTM and installed it under my Technet license rather than waiting for MAPS to come through.
    So far everything is running really well