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Check it out   So last night Kevin Brown did an excellent webcast on how Symform works…  channel only is their focus and the “peer” storage model means that they can flat fee the costs.  The bits you backup are distributed out to other nodes.  You can actually lose a certain amount of “stuff” and it won’t endanger the backup.  The major thing I liked was how partner responsive they are and have heard from others that they are. 

Sign up for a seminar… check out the platform.  It is a very interesting platform to use in your backup strategy to provide for additional storage in the cloud.  As someone said the other day, one can never have enough backups.  Secure, yes.  Cloud, yes.  I would argue a nice addition to a on premises backup strategy.

Web Seminars 

Symform 101 — Implementing the Cooperative Storage Cloud
This program is designed for IT Service Providers. It provides a complete orientation that includes:
–  installation
–  configuration
–  backup best practices
–  the initial upload — options to increase speed
–  hot failover — rebuild a customer’s server from your office in hours not days
–  pricing

Every Thursday — 2PM to 3PM (Pacific time)
To request web seminar login and audio instructions, send us an email.


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