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In San Francisco for the weekend and walking around the shopping district….cheap is in… expensive department stores look a bit … well… empty. 

But’s some hints how you can keep me in the stores and keep me from going to and doing my shopping there.

1.  Clean up the restrooms.  When you see a female back out of a restroom stall and go look for another, I won’t go into the blog a description of why she did that.  Use your imagination.

2. Clean up the showroom.  When you are in the shoe section and you have to dodge the shoes and trip over them, it doesn’t make for a pleasant shopping experience.

3.  Clear signage of where the checkout stands are.  When you have to ask where the checkout stand is, because you can’t tell, unlike Amazon’s always there shopping cart in the upper corner, maybe some well placed signs might be in order?

4.  Have unique items that I can’t buy online.  When walking through a fabric store in Union Square a woman said “it’s worth the cost of the plane ticket to fly back here”. 

5.  When walking by the carcass of the now closed Virgin Megastore in San Francisco,  the juxtaposition of the Apple store right across the street was a bit of irony. The rise of one, begat the demise of the other.  But people are still listening to music (as the white ear buds in their ears attest to as well and their upcoming and ultimate deafness in their old age), it’s just that the buying patterns have changed.

On the news tonight, they are talking of the business of America hoping that consumers will help the recovery.  But at least for me, you need to try to spiff up a bit before shopping in person equates to how comfy I can be in my jammies ordering online.


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