Taking risks

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Today we visited the soon to be officially opened Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. 

Of the many fascinating lessons of the Musuem is the number of times that the Disney family bet the farm, sometimes figuratively. 

http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2004/07/15/walt-disneys-failures-could-inspire-entrepreneurs The number of business failures that both Walt and his father lived through showcased that failure is sometimes the best lesson of all.

The back side of the museum showcases the resuse of the Presidio buildings. 

Overall, definitively not a museum for kids, but a museum for Disney fans (of which both my Sister and I are), and an interesting study of a man who took risks.


And of course …they have a facebook page.



2 Responses to Taking risks

  1. Dean says:

    We always love the exceptions to the rule don’t we ?

    For every Disney there are 50,000 other people who take risks that fall flat on there faces. It all involves timing and a lot of luck. Don’t believe me. Ask Warren Buffet. He said the same thing. He said the ONLY reason he was succesful was because of timing and luck. This universe is based on nothing but statistics right down to the atomic level. What happens in it is a roll of the dice no matter what you do.

  2. Dean says:

    Another thing. The fact that they had failure after failure before success only proves my point. If everything is based on statistics then of course the more rolls of the dice you throw the more chances you have that eventually you will come up a winner. The problem is that as human beings we only have a limited amount of time which means a limited amount of throws. If we lived forever eventually most of us would become very succesful because we would have an infinite number of throws.