What rights do vendors have?

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You just bought a computer.  But who’s computer is it anyway?  Is it yours?  Really?  More and more it’s the playground for vendors.  The blog post at Shootingbubbles.com should be read in it’s entirety.  Go ahead and read it and then come back here.

So what do you think?  Is it okay that every vendor that ever installs anything has the right to do a notification that there’s an update to it? 

Ed didn’t have that software on his computer.  It’s not an “update” rather an additional piece of software. 

Why should I trust any vendor that prechecks these software notifications?  Apple has prechecked these boxes before, then unchecked them, now they are back to prechecking them again. 

The battleground is currently our desktop, but what about the future in the cloud? 

What will it take to get vendors to only offer up security updates and to stop blurring the lines between updates and security updates?



2 Responses to What rights do vendors have?

  1. Dean says:

    I think it’s just another Capitalism thing. Capitalism, like any other economic model has it’s limitations and flaws. The limitations and flaws can be traced to mainly one cause which is people. I think Capitalism has reached the point where it has gone over the edge. I think a new model is needed. Then 150 years after that model is created it too will be as bad as Capitalism is now.

    I like it when programs give you the choice whether you want to recieve update notices or not. I don’t think I have found one yet that doesn’t. For some I turn notices on and for some I don’t.

  2. Vlad Mazek says:

    In about 48 hours I will be your favorite vendor on the planet.

    Can you guess why?

    Hint: Look at the IP address.