So I got a question today as to whether or not Exchange 2007 sp2 should be installed on a SBS 2008 box.

And I said:

1. there’s an icky KB you have to work through

2. it breaks the sbs sites without the kb

3. IMHO it doesn’ add any value (the Exchange backup we already have)

4. You wanna keep a test box for the sp2 wrapper that they will be building out

5.  You want to wait for that sp2 wrapper that they will be offering up for SBS boxes

There is no reason limited reasons that I can see at this time to be installing SP2 for Exchange 2007 on SBS 2008.  Thus don’t. consider it carefully.

EDIT – it has been pointed out that Powershell v2 is not supported on SBS without Exchange 2007 sp2.  Thus for those folks who envision themselves on a remote beach in Bora Bora, sipping fruit drinks with umbrellas on them and using remote Powershell v2 commands to administer their Exchange 2007 sp2 boxes, you “may” want to consider going through the KB and apply the service pack.

The rest of us grunts may want to wait until the wrapper comes out.


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