Happy Halloween

On October 31, 2009, in news, by

Tonight to answer the door of the trick-or-treaters I’m answering the door as Danica Patrick’s older, less sexy, sister that is a Mini Cooper race car driver.

Okay so it’s a stretch, I’ll admit, but with a Mini Cooper racing shirt and a black wig, what do you expect?

I’m also remoting back into the office and doing the annual “what icons landed up on the desktop” review of the desktops.  While most of us do remote work as a matter of ease and efficiency, sometimes the only time you see issues is looking at the actual desktop.  So I’ll take my secondary admin account and log into the workstations remotely and see what icons are there.  See if there’s patches that WSUS or Shavlik missed, see if the event viewer looks good.  While I have remote tools that also pull this info, sometimes actually LOOKING at the desktop is like most picture experiences, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In my case, that picture of Danica is worth way more than what I look like in my Mini Cooper get up.


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