For the past two years since we started rolling out Vista, I’ve felt like Goldilocks.  I can’t find an antivirus software I like.  Trend was my choice until it started putting a firewall in there that made it not quite right.  Then I was testing out Nod32 and it nearly was my choice until it too started to have known issues with iTunes and network icon interference. 

So in addition to the desktop icon review tonight, I’m starting the process of removal of the various antivirus’ I’ve been testing on various machines and starting to standardize on the one that I think will be the one I choose.  But I want a wider beta so I’m going to be installing it on more machines.  What is the maybe, hopefully, possibly just right antivirus?  I’m leaning towards Forefront client security now.  For those who have home users or home businesses, the Microsoft security essentials is my current choice of antivirus.  Notice I didn’t say “free” antivirus, I said antivirus.  It’s discouraging when we’re paying annual subscriptions to products that are not catching rogue antivirus, causing slow downs of our systems, and in general, if they were operating systems, we’d be a lot more upset than we are right now.

So before you ask, can the management console of Forefront go on SBS 2008?  Nope.  Can’t.  But this is part of my larger test to see if the native notification of antivirus status is good enough for this Goldilocks.

I’ll let you know how this fairy tale ends.


4 Responses to Too much, too little, maybe just right?

  1. Aaron Booker says:


    We turn off the Trend Firewall on server and client as part of our WF Advanced installs – or are you seeing more pernicious issues even when that is done?

    I sure like WFRM for centralized reporting/alerting…. I hope that you’re looking for that in the other products you’re looking at.


  2. Rusty says:

    I pulled off Trend WFBS std on all my workstation and installed MSE. It removed a virus on one workstation that Trend couldn’t. I will continue with Trend on my servers but for now I am happy with MSE.

  3. Chris Knight says:

    Yeah, they all suck. Some suck more than others.

    Quite like MSE for home users and home-based businesses.

    Don’t quite see FCS as targetted to SMEs though. Mediums, maybe.

    I’ve found Sophos to be a reliable, hassle-free workhorse. I check out the other AV/AS offerings on an annual basis, but haven’t found anything compelling to move over to.

  4. Rich Lusk says:

    I’ve had a really good experience with AVG Network Edition on SBS networks.
    It would be really really cool if Microsoft released an SBS Forefront. Why not? I think it would be very successful.