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So during this Thanksgiving week I’m doing a migrating in the background working around the firm.   So I built the server last night, got to a certain point (moved the data locations, deleted group policy, and got to the move mailbox step and stopped there.  So today I’m redesigning SharePoint and not copying over the companyweb as is, but redoing it.  And I found an issue that in my dry run because I didn’t take the time to fully copy everything over that I didn’t realize.  The file size issue in SharePoint.

This behavior is due to certain changes within IIS7.  To increase the upload file size limit for your SBS 2008 companyweb, you must edit the web.config file for the companyweb application in addition to increasing the limit in SharePoint Central Administration.

I have to do what?  Edit a config file?  And mind you this uploaded into the SharePoint v2 just fine.

So I added a line in the web.config file

<system.webServer><security><requestFiltering><requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength=”52428800″ /></requestFiltering></security></system.webServer

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