When you add a member server to your SBS 2008 you will notice that it adds itself as a workstation.

You have to go into active directory users and computers, find the MyBusiness OU, then go to the SBSComputers OU and move the Server that’s listed in the SBS computer section over to the SBSServers section.

Right click on the name of the server, and click on move.


Then MOVE the server to the right OU so that it’s listed up in the right section in the networking console.

And the fact that the security status is “Not available” is normal.  There is no security status center on a server.

So “normal” for servers is green/grey/green/green.


One Response to Adding another server to your SBS 2008

  1. Joe Raby says:

    What is the reasoning behind not having Security Center run on a server?