Windows Small Business Server 2008 from SBS 2003 R2 | Loz’s ALITs Blog:

For the migration scenario from Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 to Windows Small Business Server 2008, a manual migration will be required. More information will be provided in the future.

“Exactly who’s future is that then? Do we have to wait for an R2 release of 2008 to be able to do a slick automation of the upgrade process? All very foggy – but we shouldn’t really be surprised!”

Two comments to this post. 

We will never have a slick automation of the upgrade process.  There is too much in active directory.  Not to mention going from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 it’s a 32 to 64 bit transition.

And If there ever was the ability to have a slick upgrade process, that kinda means IT pros are no longer needed?  🙂

Seriously, that page needs a little bit of updating as the migration docs have been published.

And if you are looking for other alternatives… provides support along the way.

But automatic?  Not possible with the kind of networks we have.


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