Okay so what KSOD?

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I’m not saying that there isn’t historical issues with the black screen of death (aka KSOD) that Mark Crall probably lost a few dents in his head to a few months back, but tonight as the Techmeme articles are parroting the “Latest Microsoft Patches cause black screen of death”, I’m asking …okay are all of the folks supposedly impacted by this not calling in, not posting in a newsgroup, not posting in a forum and only silently suffering? 

I will be the first to eat crow (rather than leftover turkey) if something comes out of this, but right now I’m doubting Thomas for sure.

Microsoft investigates Windows ‘black screen of death’ triggered by recent security updates | Security – InfoWorld:

“Searches of Microsoft’s support forums today, for example, turned up only one “black screen” thread with posts after the Nov. 10 security updates had been released. Four different users on that Windows 7-specific thread said that they faced a blank screen.”

Microsoft investigating ‘black screen of death’ | Beyond Binary – CNET News:

“So this is a problem that ostensibly would have happened 20 days ago? Does it happen right away, or under certain circumstances.

Cause if its supposed to happen right away, I’m sure we would have heard about it before a press release from a software vendor. People love to jump on any problems that MS has, I’m surprised it would have stayed quiet for 3 weeks.”

“I loved this line from the link “If you Google Black Screen then you will find a whopping 80Million plus results” except all but the computer world article and Cnet article are between 1 and 5 years old.”


2 Responses to Okay so what KSOD?

  1. Mark Crall says:

    Ohhh my head….

  2. levy says:

    Count me as one of the unlucky users who got nailed by the KSOD. All the patches came down on my Vista 64 machine fine – IE would not work so I backed out that change only – via Microsoft Updates and wham KSOD.

    I spent two hours on the phone with MS support trying to do everything to get the system back up – nothing worked so they started talking parallel install. I said no thanks and just went out to by a new HD to install Windows 7.

    I wanted to upgrade my machine to Windows 7 – but I hate having to do it on MS timeline.