When you have phones syncing to SBS 2003 and you move to SBS 2008, and you move the Godaddy cert from the one server to the other and thus do not need to deploy any new SSL certs…. the iPhones typically just need a powering off and powering back on.

For Windows Mobile, however, they need to accept the SBS mobile policy. 

Now you may want to tweak this policy to turn off the requirement of a PIN password on the phones.

Go into the Exchange management, then org, then client access and adjust the Exchange activesync mailbox policies (or set up a new one) as your organization deems fit.


2 Responses to Syncing phones now that the server has moved

  1. Mike says:

    If you are using iPhones then you definitely want to turn off the password policy. The length requirement out of the box for SBS2008 is longer than the 4 digit pin and you could Brick the iPhone. I ran into this with a client and without turning off the policy it effectively locked their iPhone. Had to wipe it and restore it from backup.

  2. Tiger Woods says:

    Man I wish the requirement to turn off the PIN on my phone had not been disabled. TW