Do you have a build document?

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So officially demoted my SBS 2003 box tonight (sniff sniff, it served me well for five years) and once again, the first time I ran the dcpromo the netlogon service wouldn’t shut down.  I just went into the service, shut it off and then the server dcpromo’d down.

I went back to my own recap of blog posts (which reminds me I need to add to) as my guidance.  See you guys think I blog to entertain you and gain brownie points with the Mini Cooper management so I can become a Mini Cooper MVP?  Wrong.  I do it for me because it helps me understand and document what I’ve done.  Go back to November of 2004 and that’s the tasks I did when I built my SBS 2003.

To you this is a blog.  To me, it was my build document.  As I did a true dry run of my exact network migration from start to finish.  So when I hit those slight little roadblocks along the way… like the pdf file with the messed up permissions that stopped the robocopy from copying over that I fixed ahead of time by merely deleting the file since I didn’t need it.   Like the fact that on the final step where the dcpromo got stuck on netlogon service still running and not shutting down, I went “oh yea, I blogged about that, just turn off the service and try it again”

And it reminds me that we need/you need/we all need to have a build document.  A plan of action.  A document that provides you guildance all the way from start to finish to patching.

Something that takes those documents and make them your own.


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  1. Bill V says:

    This is a blog…? Your guidance, insight, er, uh… ‘omnipotence’ keeps the rest of us SBS’rs on track. Thanks Susan…