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Important information on QuickBooks 2009 Release 9.      See Web version.


QuickBooks ProAdvisor Critical Alert


Dear Susan Bradley,

Last month we announced QuickBooks 2009 Release 9. [1] This major update introduces many fine changes, including an important update to the underlying QuickBooks database. [2]

That earlier Alert also included advice on using the Accountant’s Copy to overcome the lack of backwards compatibility between R9 and earlier releases. [3]

What’s New: Recent calls to our support centers now show that some users may need extra guidance, especially in network implementations or with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0.

Intuit Response: We’ve significantly beefed up our resources to such users with new guidance in our Knowledge Base.


Based on Real Experience of QuickBooks Users

From the Calls We’ve Received: Our support team has created a new update guide to help users with the most likely pitfalls in applying R9. You can find the update guide here:


We think the guide will help your clients avoid common problems.

Please Note: We continue to update these resources based on what our customers are telling us. That is, this is a dynamic site, and when your clients visit the site, it will have the most current information available.


Especially for Your Clients Using Enterprise Solutions 9.0 or with Network Implementations

Few of the calls coming into QuickBooks support have to do with individual users on a stand-alone machine. Most problems arise when the QuickBooks user has only partially updated a networked implementation of QuickBooks.

Server Issues: In this scenario, the user has followed the prompt for an Automatic Update; that action has applied R9 to the networked machine (a “client”as opposed to a “server” in the jargon of information technology). However, the server remains on Release 8.

Then, when the user next tries to open a QuickBooks data file, the user receives an error message, because the QuickBase Database Manager and the data file are on different releases.

One Extra Step: In this scenario, the QuickBooks user needs to update the server to Release 9, using the Manual Update. Instructions on how to do this are part of the Step-by-Step Update Guide noted above.


As You See Fit

Inform Clients as Needed: If you have clients using Enterprise Solutions 9.0, or QuickBooks 2009 over a network, or other clients you suspect will need more support in applying R9, please send them the below link to this useful online guide.

Short URL for Client Convenience: Because some clients have a hard time with longer URLs, we’ve prepared the following short alias to share with your clients:


This is a link that will redirect the user to a different location. Some clients may be more comfortable with the full link given above.

Thanks again for helping your clients with this unique release.


~ The ProAdvisor Team.

  1. The release affects Windows desktop versions of QuickBooks 2009 and QuickBooks Enterprise 9.0. It further affects backwards compatibility with earlier releases of the same software products.
  2. QuickBooks 2009 R9 will move the underpinnings of the QuickBooks database from Sybase SA10 patch 3712 to patch 3960. Intuit has tested the patch in multiple scenarios and found that with the patch, QuickBooks 2009 shows significant improvements in many areas of data handling, including those areas which are associated with rare instances of data corruption, especially among heavy users.
  3. Backwards compatibility in the QuickBooks 2009 R9 Accountant’s Copy includes previous releases of QuickBooks 2009 and QuickBooks 2008



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  1. Anita says:

    We have 2 workstations and a server. The server and one workstation have been updated. The other workstation has not been updated. The non-updated workstation is the only one able to bring up the data info. How does the server and the other workstation get fixed?!?!?!