A little Run As

On December 6, 2009, in news, by

One thing you have to remind yourself/get used to in Win2k8 platform products if you’ve built the secondary admin account is the “Run As”.

Here’s when you really need to beat yourself over the head… REMEMBER RUN AS.  You see if you forget that on a 2k8 box you either need to wave the white flag and disable UAC or run Run As Admin before you do certain tasks….

Adding printers is a key one.  When you go to the server to add a printer, the only way you get into properties to add additional drivers or configurations is to Run As admin.  Otherwise it will be grayed out and you can’t access those sections.

When running a tool that takes a full view of the drive files on the system (like Treesize for example) make sure you Run As Admin on that too otherwise you won’t get a full and complete view of the files on the server.  And if you are trying to figure out why the file sizes just increased… Treesize can help to figure out what files are the hogs.


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  1. Greg Smith says:

    TreeSize is OK, but I still really like Steffen Gerlach’s free Scanner app. Just more intuitive to me.