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One of the final things to put back on my SBS 2008 is a piece of software that puts custom disclaimers depending on the content of the email.  Personally I think email disclaimers are non binding and ridiculous, but unfortunately I have to follow the industry.  So we have ones that when we use key phrases certain disclaimers pop out automagically.

While Exchange 2007 can do disclaimers, I like the fact that we can use a solution that doesn’t put that annoying disclaimer on ALL emails, just the ones that it pertains to.


Dear Susan Bradley,

Thank you for downloading Policy Patrol Disclaimers. We hope that you will find Policy Patrol a useful tool for adding disclaimers and signatures to your emails.

Policy Patrol Disclaimers offers advanced user-based disclaimer & signature features such as formatting, merge fields, HTML disclaimers with pictures & tables and disclaimers as text attachments. Furthermore, Policy Patrol can avoid adding multiple disclaimers when replying or forwarding and can position signatures after the last entered message text. Policy Patrol can even send a different signature on replies and forwards.

For more information on how to install and configure Policy Patrol Disclaimers, please download the product manual from: http://www.policypatrol.com/docs/PPD5Manual.pdf. More documentation, including Exchange 5.5 and Lotus Domino installation guides, can be downloaded from http://www.policypatrol.com/Download_documentation.htm.

Policy Patrol Enterprise
If you are interested in trying out other features in addition to disclaimers, such as anti-spam, archiving and content checking, you can go to <server name> Security > Licenses and remove your existing license. Click OK. Policy Patrol will warn you that there are no valid licenses. Click OK. Click OK to reconnect. The serial number screen will pop up prompting you to select a serial number. Select Policy Patrol Enterprise 30-day evaluation to gain access to all Policy Patrol features. Your disclaimer configuration will still be intact.

Top 5 FAQs

  1. No disclaimers/signatures are being added
  2. User merge field is not being replaced
  3. Avoid multiple disclaimers is not working
  4. How can I adjust the disclaimer line breaks?
  5. My disclaimer is appearing centered in the message

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