Sucked into the twitter vortex

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I honestly lurk on twitter and have several security folks that I follow… Mikko’s Fsecure tweets  for example … and a Sophos security blogger just to name a few… but I wouldn’t say that I tweet and all and it REALLY annoys me when people say they use twitter as a support venue.  To me that’s a sign of a support venue FAIL when you use a web platform and yell out into the wilderness and hope some wacko person will be searching on a topic and respond back.  To me it’s way more efficient to go to a support venue and post there.

Well tonight I got asked this

Hi Susan,

Just a quicky, do you post your Blog updates via Twitter at all?

I find that the best way to easily keep up to date with the posts Im interested in on a multitude of blogs.

Just a thought, I RSS yours already, but of course have to keep checking the feed, where as Twitterrific will simply tell me when a new post is available and a summary of its content.

At first I thought… we’ll heck I’m not going to tweet when I blog, I mean, that’s time consuming.  But then I remembered the Twitter api’s where things suck other things over into other things.

So I set up a twitter sync to post up the blog posts. And while I was at it I set up one just for the SBS blog. Mind you, it’s not like the WindowsSBS team doesn’t already twitter up the blog posts   but I like “just the facts, m’am” SBS blog  and I figured it probably would be wise to park the url anyway while I was up there and besides it was pretty easy to use to suck in an RSS feed.

P.S. even my favorite RSS feed of the MS download site ( has a twitter hook up now..

So there you have it… sucked into the twitter  vortex.


2 Responses to Sucked into the twitter vortex

  1. Joe Raby says:

    I’m looking at Twitter posts, and with RSS enabled, it’s essentially a short blog. I’d rather aggregate all RSS feeds together, and call Twitter posts a “personal feed”.

  2. Gavin Wilby says:

    Hi Susan,

    Glad to see that you have this up and running so quickly.

    Now a follower on both (as well as the RSS and the main site)