If you have clients that remote from a large screen Vista or Win7 to a large screen Vista or Win7 bookmark these two KBs:

Remote Web Workplace connect to client computer feature may display black bars:
Remote Web Workplace connect to computer feature may be slow to redraw the screen:


2 Responses to RWW – tweaking for speed and for large screens

  1. cseiter says:

    We’ve seen the exact opposite here with two differently-sized monitors with the /span switch on the rdc client; 1 widescreen and the other one a square. You get scrollbars and the user can’t find the start bar. I ended up just telling them to either have two of the same or set the resolution the same. I tried hardcoding the resolution in but that left an empty space at the bottom on the taller monitor.

  2. Rosewood says:

    Thanks for this handy reply. It would be nice if we had a more elegant solution for tweaking such settings but I’ll take it.