A bit of Scrooge for Christmas

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One of my favorite movies is the various versions of Christmas Carol.  And I’ve always liked the part where the idea is presented that if you can wish a Merry Christmas to a person that doesn’t seem to be that Christmasy then you know you have the Christmas spirit always in your heart. 

I’d like to wish a Merry Christmas not to to the employees of Microsoft.   They all work very hard, very tirelessly and very passionately.  Without them, without the hard work of people like Eric Ligman who is blogging on Christmas eve we’d be in more mess than we are now.  It’s the employees of Microsoft that I am extremely grateful for.  They are the Bob’s of this Christmas tale working tirelessly.  They have my deep thanks for being there, for fighting the good fights, for doing what they do, many times being the front line person who gets the flack for something.  And many times they don’t deserve the venting of the frustration that we give them.  They are just there to be the ones to hear it.

To all of the employees of Microsoft, my sincere and deep thank you for your tireless work towards helping the customers of Microsoft.


But it’s the corporate policy that is the Scrooge I’d like to wish a Merry Christmas to. 

Microsoft SMB Community Blog : Microsoft Volume License Service Center (VLSC) Update and Partner FAQ:

Between Windows Genuine Advantage, Office Genuine Advantage and now the increased security of the VLSC web site, there are times I wonder if Microsoft the corporation wants customers at all.  The manner in which these “enhanced” security measures of the web site have been pushed out just is a bit unreal in terms of customer service.  I always felt that Volume licensing was for the big firms to begin with, and I was better served for my firm just going OEM or retail, but this “upgrade” reinforces it even more.

Add to that, as someone said, do we really want to rely on Microsoft as a cloud vendor if they screw this up this badly?  When I screw up at my firm, it’s my server I’m rebooting on Christmas eve.  When these large vendors screw up in the cloud, it has a major impact.

I don’t know if some of this is our fault for not paying more attention to the upgrade of the VLSC web site.  I personally knew that eOpen was going to be merged with the MVLS/VLSC web site, but I sure don’t remember reading anywhere about the “increased” security measures ahead of time so I could make sure I knew BEFORE the upgrade exactly what business email was connected to the site, or contact my softwareone reseller ahead of time rather than bump up against the Christmas holidays when everyone is taking off for vacations.

So to the policies of Microsoft, I want to wish you a Happy Christmas.  I am sincere in saying that I hope you understand that in the year 2010 when the company of Microsoft makes changes and upgrades that you understand that communication ahead of time is key to ensuring a successful event. 

Happy Christmas everyone!



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