and the first thing you want to install is CCH PFX Engagement 6.0?  Doesn’t everyone?

(okay so like maybe it’s just the beancounters on Christmas morning that are giddy with delight of installing tax and accounting software on Windows 7, but in general this is the best way to install line of business applications, older software, and just in general getting a new box set up)

Step one turn off UAC.

Yes, you heard me, turn off UAC.  Turn it off DURING THE TIME YOU ARE INSTALLING SOFTWARE.  Not turn it off on your Windows 7 permanently, silly.

I have personally found that if I leave it on during the install of software (especially beancounter stuff) it doesn’t quite install right even if I run as administrator and run the application compatibility wizard and all that.

So turn off UAC.  You will be prompted to reboot your Windows 7.  Then install the SQL 2008 (this is on the Engagement CD) and then install the PFX Engagement 6.0 from the MSI file (not autorun).

Remember Vista and Windows 7 have .net installed already.  Once you do that the program will run just fine.

Then go back and move UAC back up (mind you as a Vista veteran I move it all the way to the top but the default is one notch from the top).

Windows 7, CCH, pfx Engagment 6.0


4 Responses to So you got yourself a shiny new Windows 7 computer on Christmas morning?

  1. cseiter says:

    You didn’t have the issues with the trial balance? I haven’t seen any releases yet on that the issues have been fixed yet.

  2. cseiter says:

    The TB inside Engagement was wonky per the email fom Engagement tech support I got a while back. Did installing the TGUW for 2009 fix that issue?

  3. jason says:

    I have been running Win 7 and Eng 6.0 for a few days, installed per the instructions above, and have had no problems whatsoever.

    Trial balances seem to be working without errors.

    If you are experiencing errors with the TB, hang tight for a few weeks, as CCH has promised to support Windows 7 with Engagement version 6.1 (which was actually due to come out weeks ago, but they’re late … surprise, surprise).

    Thanks, bradley, for the advice. (And UAC IS turned back on, to high, after install 🙂