TSGateway and domain credentials

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One of my users that has XP as a remote machine was saying that they couldn’t log into RWW.  They would get to the TS Gateway and enter in the information and it would say that they were getting a bad password.  So I fired up a virtual XP to see if I could walk through the screens to see what they were hitting.

And I see the problem.  XP’s do the log in one way, Vista/Win7’s do the log ins differently.

On a XP machine when it gets to that TSgateway screen it does not enter in the DOMAIN\username like it automatically does in Vista and Windows 7.

So if your XP users are complaining that they can’t log in and get a bad password, what happens is without the DOMAIN\username they end up on the local account on the box, not the domain account.  And of course, the password for the local account is not the same.

So in that screen make sure your XP folks know to type in DOMAIN\username.  I’ve typed up instructions for folks that access the firm remotely but apparently I missed that instruction.


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  1. William says:

    If I remember correctly, entering useR@domain.lan into the username will cause the username to stick, where doman\user won’t.