What are we doing to ourselves?

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We’ve built a beast.   Or building a beast.  We’ve built a business model (or lack thereof) that is destroying content.

With the Christmas holidays I missed the announcement that Brian Krebs was leaving Washington Post.  Another really good source of information from the traditional media that is now no longer at the place it used to be. 

Security Fix – Farewell 2009, and The Washington Post:
Krebs on Security:
briankrebs (briankrebs) on Twitter:

The good news is that he’s opened up a space on the Internet.  Here’s hoping that he can continue to maintain the level of information that site has brought to security.  To make sure he does I clicked on that paypal and donated.

Back in 2003 the security researcher “Rain Forest Puppy” wrote this note — http://www.wiretrip.net/rfp/txt/evolution.txt.  I think it still holds true today.

Don’t lose sight of security.  Security is a state of being, not a state
of budget.  He with the most firewalls still does not win.  Put down that
honeypot and keep up to date on your patches.  Demand better security from
vendors and hold them responsible.  Use what you have, and make sure you
know how to use it properly and effectively.

And above all else, don’t abuse or take for granted sources of help and
information.  Without them, you might find yourself lost or


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