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I guess after reading other folks’ disclaimers in various places so I guess I should put one up here as well in the interest of full disclosure of blogging.

This is not a firm blog, nor a Microsoft blog, nor is the site paid for or sponsored by Microsoft, other than I do need to thank them for the SQL license that Brianna is using [1].  Most of the thanks should go to Vlad Mazek of and for hosting Yoda and Brianna (he’s the IIS, she’s the SQL) servers in his data center.  He SPLA licenses me Yoda and Brianna so we can be legal on the licenses.  [1]The SQL 2005 is an enterprise version donated courtesy of Dr. Jesper Johansson when he was working at Microsoft, and it’s the ultra uber edition that allows for proper public hosting of a database (the price tag of which , when I looked it up at made me hyperventilate at the time).  Telligent has in the past provided a community server license for the main blog, I bought the one for separately. 

Without the generosity of Vlad, Dr. J ( with Microsoft at the time) and Telligent, we would not be here. 

As a Microsoft MVP we get as an annual award a Technet subscription.  But I get an additional Technet as part of my Open Value Software Assurance (so I think I’m actually using the SA one at home, not the MVP one)

Conferences that I’ve gone to for free in the past year:

  • TechEd –  since it was in LA this year and I could take the train down, I signed up and was accepted for “Ask the Expert” duties.  In exchange for being a booth babe for the Windows Server team they covered the conference ticket.  Also helped out (not as much as I should have) in the Culminis User group booth.  It’s not a SMB flavored conference for sure but sometimes fun to go to to see what the bigger firms are facing.  The big buzz for me out of that one was that days before Microsoft laid off Steve Riley thereby blowing many of the planned sessions I was wanting to go to.  It ended up being a “where’s Steve?” event
  • SMBNation – (aka Harry got his groove back in Vegas in 2009) I was a speaker and got a stipend for being a speaker (which just reminded me I need to pay back Amy Babinchak of as we split some costs for the room in Vegas).  I’ll be speaking at SMBnation East this year as it’s right after tax season.
  • ITPro conference in New Orleans wasn’t held last year but when I go, I normally pay for the travel, Jeff pays for the room.  This year it will be May 28th to June 5th in New Orleans.

I didn’t get to go to the Microsoft MVP summit last year (nor will I this year) as they keep putting the event during busy season at the office.  If I would go, you have to share rooms with a fellow MVP to get the hotel room covered by Microsoft and the attendee pays personally for the travel up there and back.  Anyone who flies from overseas does so on their own dime (or frequent flyer mileage) and sometimes I think they are quite insane to pay so much to come over (you folks from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc. know who you are.  If Microsoft’s headquarters was in Sydney I wouldn’t be hopping on a plane as much as you guys and gals fly to the US do.)

Training that I’ve attended that have either been partially funded or defrayed in some way include a SBS 2008 migration deep dive training event as well as a recent SBS feedback event.  This last time the defrayment included an offer of resellable software.  I honestly turned it down because it was a taxable event and this beancounter/SBSer didn’t want the taxable income, and I refuse to sell the software on ebay on principle.  I use software, I’m not a reseller of software so I passed on that offer.  The knowledge transfer of the migration deep dive came in handy for my own migration at the office and the fruits of it you can see via the migration sections on the blog here and here.

I don’t get compensated for what I say on the blog nor does anyone drive the content here.  I decide on the topics and posts.  All the misspellings you see here are honest and showcase an aging brain and lack of/too lazy to use a spellcheck/afraid that it will blow up the blog posting window.  If there is a product that I like, I prefer buying it rather than getting it for free as I honestly feel that I can be more straight forward about it.  When I talk about SBS, the license at the office is an Open Value one paid for over three years [even though I’m STILL LOCKED OUT OF THE VSLC web site as of today], the one at home is Action pack licensed (or from the past SBS 2003 beta years ago, now that I think about it, on that one I’m not 100% sure which license it has, I should check).  The ones on the test box are technetplus licensed (which if you want a test bed in addition to your production licenses is the way to go and affordable in the US. 

I also write on patch management for Windows Secrets newsletter and do get paid for the articles on that.  But Brian Livingston never tells me what to write or what to say.  The articles do get edited so sometimes they do end up sounding better than I wrote them originally.   Today is patch Tuesday with one patch (yay!) so I’ll be testing and writing up an article to be submitted tonight.

Vlad Mazek of who’s is used by my firm for email hygiene gave me a Mac Book Pro laptop last year, I’m sure to torture me to have to patch it, as well as ensure that he got carte blanche to “post a CPA joke a day” on his blog.   I couldn’t bring myself to pave it over and make it a Windows 7, but I did upgrade it to include 4 gigs not the 2 it was shipped with and it has parallels virtualization and has a virtual Windows 7 on it for when I need to get real work done on it and I’m not just surfing and emailing from it.  I keep threatening to buy and send him “Fry’s Monkey water” just so he’ll have to disclose it on his blog.

As a CPA in real life, I don’t get the Quickbooks software for free, the alerts you see me post from time to time are due to a subscription I have as a Quickbooks Pro Advisor.

I run a SMB user group in Fresno and on behalf of the group I get sent care packages of books, software, tshirts from time to time.  We meet monthly (this time of the year virtually with Live meeting that is provided to user group leaders by Microsoft) and discuss topics of interest.

Because I manage the blog I also set an official/unofficial rule that while I let each blogger decide if they want to place ads on their own blog site, I’m not putting ads on the entire site.  I beleive that each blogger’s content is their own and thus if they want to monetize it themselves, that’s one thing, but I’m not comfortable with ads across the entire site.  I’m also not a fan for security reasons as well.  Banner ads have been sources of malware.

So there yo go.  If there’s any other freebee, arrangement, or something else that should have been disclosed but wasn’t, it’s an unintentional oversight to not disclose it. 


3 Responses to Blogger disclaimer

  1. Vlad Mazek says:

    So do I have to post on my corp sites that you’re linking back to us because you’re a great guinea pig for SMTP security?


  2. Amy B says:

    You’re supposed to post a disclaimer at the end of every blog post aren’t you? If so, this one is going to be worse than those email disclaimers we all love so much

  3. Dean says:

    What exactly do you mean when you say “proper public hosting” ?

    If you want a really good spell check spelling within a web page text box program get this