In looking at my SBS 2008 I realized that the c:drive was getting full WAY too fast.  In looking at the c: drive (keeping in mind you need to run the treesize free program with “Runas Administrator” in order to properly see the drive size used on the C: drive)

That W3SVC1372222313 folder that is building up log files is the log file responsitory of the WSUS administrator web site.

If you see this IIS log file site crusting up with too much stuff you can move the location of the IIS logging off the C:\.  You can manually delete off the build up of the files, or you can use your MSP tool to thin these IIS log files (and all unneeded IIS log files) down.

In the IIS console, in the WSUS administrator settings, under logging, change the location to a larger drive

Change that directory to store the IIS log files in another location that isn’t the C:\ drive


3 Responses to Watch that WSUS administrator log file location

  1. I had discovered this issue on several of my sites and had discovered the same issue, I had just been deleting the old log files manually so I found this post most helpful though I do have one request, Please excuse my ignorance, but could you go into more details regarding the use of the MSP tool and where to find it in a future blog post.

  2. Andrey says:

    Great Thanks!!! It’s that I Need!!!
    Just more one Question: Сan I delete this logs, or is there any way to make it no so fast to getting big size?

    PS: Sory for My English, I’m from Russia, but I hope you understand me =)


  3. Dean says:

    The original, and still best, Tree Map file size program can be found here

    It hasn’t been updated in years but the XP version still works on Windows 7 64 bit !