I hereby am organizing the “You have entered incorrect information and have been locked out of registration as a security measure” self help support group.

It appears that they’ve changed the web page now to give you the ability to confirm your business email (so as to not enter it in wrong) but I’m still locked out of access as a security measure.  They sent another “we’re working on your escalation” canned email yesterday so I still know they have me in some database somewhere of folks still impacted.  In the meantime I need to send them a check by 1/31/2010 for the 3rd year of the Open Value agreement that is due by then. 

There’s a part of me that wants to prorate that payment by 11/12ths to represent the fact that I’ve been locked out of the VLSC web site for a month now.  But that seems a bit petty on my part. 

I do agree with Steve’s point of his post http://www.bmsnet.co.uk/blog/?p=248.  Eopen before was a site that you shielded your clients from.  VLSC even more so, yet that’s not what Microsoft has in mind. 

Hang in there folks, hopefully they will resolve this soon.


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