Trust me it’s a 4L

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True story.

One of the guys at the office went to Office depot to buy a laserjet toner cartridge and the sales clerk asked him for the model number.

“It’s a Laserjet 4L”

The sales clerk asked him again what the model number was and gave him sample model numbers like Deskjet 7210 or Laserjet 8250.

“Really, it’s a Laserjet 4L”

Once again the sales clerk asked him for the model number.

“Really, it’s a Laserjet 4L.  It may be older than you are, but really it’s a Laserjet 4L”

The salesclerk kept expecting a four digit model number.

Probably 17 years old now (so not older than the sales clerk) but sometimes those old printers still work.



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  1. James says:

    The laserjet III was a true work horse that had a great toner life. I wish I still had one, but I had to leave it behind when I changed jobs 5-6 years ago. It did what it was supposed to do well – print B/W text. I cut my teeth changing toners on the Color Laserjet 5M – the old school tube toner you had to place just right over the toner reservoir and hope like heck you had it right. I only missed once or twice, always to the delight of the receptionist who always happen to walk in right as the big puff of toner went in the air. That stuff is probably in my lungs to this day. Our “big” BW printer was a Laserjet 4si.

    Now look, you have me reminiscing about printers…