Installing those patches on a server

On February 24, 2010, in Security, by So by tonight you should see on your server the icon indicating that patches have been downloaded.

Click there and you can see what updates have been downloaded.

Once you’ve launched the Microsoft update interface click on view updates


You can then uncheck a patch if you don’t want to update it.


Remember on a server the updates do not automatically install,  so you need to ensure that you

a. review and approve

b. install

And before you ask, but Susan how do you know what patches are good and which ones aren’t?  In the detail of each security patch is a Known Issues section. It will document the known issues.  If there’s a patch that really hurts, I’ll let you know here or at where I write articles on Patching.  There’s a great community of patchaholics at as well.


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