One "L" not two

On February 25, 2010, in Rants, by

Note to the bad guys infecting the banner ad in a web page I went to when looking for a better task/sync directly to Exchange via iPhone as mine works but my Sister’s does not.

It’s spelled HARMFUL.  One “L” not two.

Go back to school so you can earn a decent living and be paying for the deficit for the rest of our lives like the rest of us.


3 Responses to One "L" not two

  1. Dean says:

    And how can you be certain something didn’t get on your computer even though you didn’t click on it ? Can you really be sure ?

  2. bradley says:


    1. DEP
    2. Protected mode
    3. I launched task manager (after I took the screen shot) and nuked it
    4. Did a scan
    5. You can also look at the outbound traffic if you are really concerned

  3. Dean says:

    Number 5 is the only way in my opinion