The Official SBS Blog : Installation of the Intranet Component May Fail in Small Business Server 2003:

A bit of history… back in November of 2003 right around Thanksgiving we started seeing installs fail with SharePoint failures.  Someone posted in the partner forum that the file sqmcfg.dll had an expiration date of November 24th.  For those in Australia you will also remember this as the Press launch of SBS 2003 when the install would fail (because of course Australia being ahead of the rest of the world they hit the bug before us).  We found that if you set the date back on the clock and installed it would work as well.  Of course that’s not the wisest to do on a domain controller 🙂  So they released an update/fix to solve the issue and all was well.

(Historical post regarding the original issue is linked below:)   Installation/Reconfiguration Issue with Windows SharePoint Services and Windows Small Business Server 2003, help, FAQ, forums, question, answer, advice, opinion and howto for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X:

So we go on our merry way until November 24, 2009.  When once again we started seeing folks hit a failure of the Intranet when they went to install the SBS box with the original media.

The key to NOT his this again is to not use that old media

However, the scope of the SBS 2003 media affected by this issue has effectively changed. You now need to use SBS 2003 with SP1, SBS 2003 with SP2, or SBS 2003 R2 media to have a successful installation. Any older media will encounter the problem, no matter the version of SQMCFG.DLL present on CD 3.

This problem may occur if one of the following used to install the Intranet component:

  1. Original CD3 Media.
  2. Any SBS 2003 media that does NOT include SBS 2003 SP1 preinstalled.
  3. Replacement CD3 Media obtained to replace an original CD3.
  4. Downloaded versions of WSS 2.0 that contain pre sp4 versions of WMSDE

These days you can use hardware independent restores (Storagecraft) to move existing SBS 2003’s to new hardware if you need to keep the box on 2k3 for line of business purposes.  If you are installing a brand new SBS 2003 refresh, check that media before you go to install the system.


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