From the mailbox this morning a post from Ian…..

I have two boxes, the first with sbs 2008 and the second has Win 2008 R2. We’ve just purchased an Iomega Nas with the intention of using it for backups etc.

 As soon as I started using it we hit problems with sbs2008. The box would hang whenever I made much use of the mounted iSCSI disks (no blue screen, screen doesn’t respond, mouse doesn’t respond, etc) . On top of this, after rebooting the volumes wouldn’t remount and I’d have to manually dismount and remount them. I was beginning to think the Iomega was a dud.

 After a couple of days of problems I decided to leave our poor production sbs in peace and switched over to our test box. Surprise surprise everything works. I was able to copy over a couple of hundred Gb in no time at all without problems. SBS hadn’t managed to copy more than a Gb without hanging.

 So switching my attention back to sbs I found that the iSCSI initiator bundled with sbs doesn’t have any updates, though MS does have a more recent version which is used in R2. However there is this hotfix:;en-us;970658&x=10&y=10 , which solves the problem for me at least.

Since the hotfix applies to Win2k8 sp2 it won’t be on the box unless you apply it.  Remember SBS 2008 has Win2k8 on it not the R2 bits.  So thanks Ian as I’m sure this will help someone else!

iSCSI Initiator dialog box displays a reconnecting session status after you disconnect and then reconnect the physical connection to the iSCSI target on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista:;en-us;970658&x=10&y=10


To apply this hotfix, your computer must be running one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2


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