This hit me today.. couldn’t get the outlook mail enabled public folder contacts to show up in the contact section if my life depended on it….

Found this post:

Know this is a bit old post.  But as i just had the same problem, and no one here got a solution to why the favorites did not show up under the contacts.

After digging a bit around, i found this page


Clears and regenerates the Navigation Pane for the current profile. Removes all Shortcuts and Favorite Folders. Has the same effect as deleting profilename.xml in your user directory.

Start Outlook with a switch > Start > Run > Outlook /resetnavpane

It removed the previous ‘favorites’ and when added again, it now shows the other contacts.

 Reset the navigational pane and voila.  There’s my public folder contacts in their proper spot as favorites.

From the sometimes you just want to kill Outlook moments


One Response to Start Outlook with a switch > Start > Run > Outlook /resetnavpane

  1. Daniel Mundy says:

    I had to do this for a client the other day whose Outlook would not even open. It said “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window.”

    Running outlook.exe /resetnavpane fixed the problem, but they lost their NK2 file (Outlook’s “remembered email addresses” feature that people use instead of contacts, when they don’t know any better…)

    Just a heads up – back up their NK2 file first, just in case you get hit by this.