Robert in the comments points out a known issue with Exchange 2007 sp2 update rollup 2 that folks may need to be aware of:

“As a FYI, there was a bug in Update 2 where if you had a public folder retention setting, Exchange misinterpretted the value by a factor of 86400 (days instead of seconds) and if you value was large enough Exchange would be a integer overflow which caused all kinds of problems”

Keep in mind on a bog standard SBS 2008 migrated from a SBS 2003 this bug has no impact as there’s no setting for msExchOverallAgeLimit

The issue is discussed here:

Issue Exchange Server 2007 SP2 Update Rollup 2 Item Retention Period “TimeSpan overflowed because the duration is too long:

Robert / Mike – Here is some more information about the problem and some workarounds

A bug in E12 pre-SP2 RU2 saved the public folder database item retention limit in AD as number of seconds.  Store expects this value to be number of days so messages end up never expiring (technically they will expire after 100s of years).  This is fixed in SP2 RU2 (KB 969230) by using days instead of seconds but any server that had previously set this value (in seconds) will now get an overflow exception. Internally this uses the System.TimeSpan structure and hence the maximum allowed value becomes 10675199 seconds or ~123 days (Reference:

If you had initially set the retention period to something greater that 123 days, OWA will not startup after applying RU2. To fix this you will need to go to the Active Directory and change the value in msExchOverallAgeLimit from seconds to days (i.e. divide the value by 86400). This change has to be made for each public folder database. There are several tools which allow you to modify the AD including ADSIEdit (

 We will be updating the required KB article with this information soon.


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