Want to know what Mark Minasi takes in his coffee?  Milk, cream or sugar?  Want to know what Security guru  Roger Grimes really would like to do to a hacker if he met them in person?  Has Active Directory expert Laura Hunter secretly run a peer to peer network at any time in the past?  Have Exchange gods Nathan Winters and Michael B. Smith ever screwed up PowerShell commands and lived to tell about it?

Want to go to an intimite conference where you can rub elbow and buy beers of the experts, not get overwelmed by the vendor swag booths.  Want to go to a conference where you come away with your head exploding of ideas that work, not vendor promises?  Want to come back from a conference with your email contact list multiplied ten fold?  This is the conference for you.  Lurk out on the Minasi forums and you’ll see the brain power in action.  http://web2.minasi.com/forum/  It’s these folks that build a conference that they want to attend.  Check it out.  It may be one that YOU want to attend for that reason.

(not to mention there’s SBS and EBS session to boot)


Mark Minasi is proud to announce the 5th Annual Minasi Internet Forum being held in Virginia Beach, VA May 2nd – May 5th 2010.

The Minasi conference is unlike any other tech conference you’ve attended before due to its intimacy, favorable student:lecturer ratio, variety of topics and quality of instructors. The conference is organized and staffed by volunteers from Mark Minasi’s forum and includes well known veteran lecturers like Mark Minasi, Rhonda Layfield, Todd Lammle, Roger Grimes, Microsoft MVP’s and author’s such as Aidan Finn, Nathan Winters and Eric Rux and forum members who just want to share what they’re doing.

The conference has enjoyed some prestigious special guest lecturers and this year is no exception. The chance to rub elbows and ask questions in such a small environment is found only at the Minasi conference. Previous years special guests have included:

-Cisco Guru and all around nice guy, Todd Lammle
-All things Security (now featuring the Cloud), Steve Riley
-Group Policy Experts Jeremy Moskowitz and Darren Mar-Elia
-Super Scripter, Don Jones
-Internet Fixer, Roger Grimes

We invite you to join us both online and in person. Please use the navigation at the top of the page for more information about accommodations, speakers, schedule, and registration.

Still Not Convinced? Check out what our previous attendees have to say.


Sunday – May 2nd 2010

Pre-Conference event with Todd Lammle

08:30 – 12:30

12:00 PM – Conference Registration Begins

1 PM – Opening Session led by Mark Minasi

2 PM – Session 1: Mark Minasi – 10 (or more) things that you don’t know about Windows Server 2008 R2

3:15 – Break

3:30 – Eric Rux – “So, you want to be a writer, eh?:  Tips, tricks and other thoughts on getting into the writing game – with open discussion with the other authors in the audience”

4:00 – Mini Session – TBC

4:30 – Break

4:45 – Roger Grimes – Fighting off Malware, the latest attacks and ways to resist them!

6:00 – Welcome Reception in the Hunt Room

Monday  – May 3rd 2010

9:00 – Ultan Kinahan – Disaster Recovery With VMware SRM

10:15 – Laura E. Hunter – Active Directory Federation Services

11:30 – Break

11:45 – Aidan Finn – Using Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2: How to manage Hyper-V

1:00 – Lunch (Provided)

1:45 – Claus Neilsen – Digging into PowerShell V2

3:00 – Mark Minasi – The Active Directory recycle bin.

4:15 – Break

4:30 – Expert Panel:  Project Planning, Design and Documentation (Bring Your Own Questions)

5:45 – Offsite Dinner Organized with Transportation

Tuesday – May 4th 2010

9:00 – Eric Rux – Using Windows in your Home! –  “More fun with Windows Home Server: How to use this versatile product for small business and home entertainment”

10:30  – Mini Session – TBC

11:00 – Roger Grimes – Server 2008 PKI – Certificates are becoming increasing critical – learn how to use them!

12:30 – Lunch (Provided)

1:00 – Nathan Winters – Protection and Compliance with Exchange 2010

2:15 – Break

2:30 – Michael B. Smith – Part 1 – Migrating from 2003 AD and Exchange to 2010 Exchange and 2008 R2 AD – Hands on Demonstration

3:45 – Break

4:00 – Michael B. Smith – Part 2 – Migrating from 2003 AD and Exchange to 2010 Exchange and 2008 R2 AD – Hands on Demonstration

5:30 – Dinner (on your own) at a local restaurant. Last chance to rub elbows.

Wednesday –  May 5th 2010

9:00 – Stacy Hein – SQL Server troubleshooting

10:15 – Short Session

10:45 – Break

11:00 – Joe McGlyn – A look at SBS and EBS – Doing IT right for the SME

12:15 – Closing and Lunch

1:30 – Unofficial Round Table


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