Lesson in cloud for tonight

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The presentation from the guys from Trend at the Sydney SMBitpro workshop.


And good thing that our 4 p.m/5 p.m. pacific was right before the time that the Live meeting had a maintenance window of 6 p.m.


I’m surprised that in this day and age of cloud services that this hasn’t changed.  Good thing the cloud worked prior to 6 p.m. pacific. 

Lesson in cloud for tonight… check those maintenance windows (they did) and when the vendor assures you it will not be doing maintenance tonight, don’t believe them.

Fortunately it was functional when we needed it.


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  1. Mark D says:

    When they put up a message with an outage till 12AM PDT, could they also display the current time (or time remaining). Otherwise us cloud users in other parts of the globe are left with what time is that? I’d guess that to be US Pacific time (is daylight saving involved)? But really I don’t know where my cloud services are situated and shouldn’t need to. If they use GMT (UTC) at least I know what they are talking about but if they just tell me how long before it returns – problem solved.