I’m revisiting this post to update it with the 64bit instructions courtesy of Laurence Hsu —

Got it! run this one %systemroot%\syswow64\regedit and it works now.

RAY-ISM: So you want Outlook to stay with POP being the default on the client not Exchange? – THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS “DIVA”:

While I think POP pulling into a workstation is silly as you should use the power of your server, if you absolutely positively MUST have your Outlook on your workstations individually POP AND do Exchange you’ll want to make the POP be the “main honcho” of the mailbox.

A post in the newsgroup and a response from Les reminded me of this reg fix [originally posted by Ray-the Man Fong so I’m categorizing it under Ray-ism in honor of Ray Fong who graciously and patiently put up with a bunch of rowdy SBS MVPs in Charlotte, North Carolina]

At the client, create the following registry key:

Location: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer\ClientSetup
Name: NoTransportOrder
Data: 1


One Response to The 64bit version of Ray Fong’s "so you want your Outlook to stay with POP being the default on the client not Exchange"

  1. Dean says:

    I don’t understand what your saying here. Are you saying there is a ‘special’ version of regedit that does something that the ‘normal’ version doesn’t ?