I posted this the other day on a listserve and figured I should post it here as well…

So you want to know if you’ve ran the preventative SBSmonitoring script on your server and you can’t remember if you did?


You could run it again and if it gives a message that it can’t add lines to the table because they are already there … you’ve ran it… or  

One of the lines of the script updates the cleanup period value

UPDATE [SBSMonitoring].[dbo].[Settings] SET [Value] = 30 WHERE [Name] = ‘CleanupPeriod’

Runas admin and open SQL management express
Open sbsmonitoring instance
Click down under the databases and find the SBSMonitoring database
Expand the tables section
Find the dbo.settings
right mouse click
Open table
On the right hand side if it says CleanupPeriod 30 you’ve run it

Edwin from www.thirdtier.net pointed out you could also type in
sqlcmd -S %computername%\SBSMonitoring -E -Q “SELECT Value [SBSMonitoring].[dbo].[Settings] WHERE [Name]=’CleanupPeriod'”
at a command prompt ..but hey, I’m a GUI gal.


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