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Wayne Small , Third Tier consultant and owner of has been deploying Hyper-V based solutions to 80% of his clients. Hyper-V can be simple to deploy, yet powerful enough for high availability applications. It is also technology that your clients really don’t understand at all. So how does he sell it to them? Wayne will tell us how to get up and running, the impact this technology can have your business and how to sell the idea to your clients.

Heard all the hype about Hyper-V?  Want to get your clients up and running on Hyper-V in an hour?  Want to know the key things to look out for with Hyper-V and how to avoid the pitfalls?  This session will run through all of the basics on Hyper-V as it relates to our SMB clients.  It will cover the various flavours of Hyper-V available, what to use when and how to get your first Hyper-V client quoted, and installed.  I’ll walk through a typical scenario that we’ve deployed in the past and how we’ve addressed the clients concerns and taken advantage of Hyper-V to save the customer money, and increase their uptime.

Join us on Thursday April 15th at 5:00pm.

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Meeting time: Apr 15, 2010 5:00 PM (EDT) 

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