Dealing with Change

On April 30, 2010, in smbnation, by

The famous Ellis Island photo and the visit that Oli, Amy and i had yesterday to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty is fitting for the “theme” of 2010.  Change.  There’s a great deal of change that we have to deal with and our customers have to deal with is huge this year. 

Look at what change historically people have dealt with.  No change is greater than the change of a country, the change of language, the change of place. 

Immigrants came off the ships from overseas, got off on Ellis Island, got processed, got on ferries to New Jersey, got on trains to the rest of their lives. 

For all of the technology change we deal with, no greater change compares to that of a change in home.


As a human race we should be used to change as we historically have had a lot of it.


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