Eriq’s talking about how he moved off of Exchange to Kerio in earily April and disabled Exchnage on SBS 2008

He’s finding that it is lower hard drive requirements means that his lower powered server is happier.

He specifically talked about how he moved to Kerio Connect as of early April and is finding his server is happier, his iPhone doesn’t notice the difference and the clients don’t know the difference between Exchange and Kerio Connect.

To answer a few tweets – yes it runs on Foundation Server – great for your 10 and under workstations.

Check it out and download the trial —


3 Responses to Eriq Neale on Kerio – Alternative SMB solutions

  1. Bill V says:

    More on this….

  2. Posted this on Eriq blog couple weeks ago tho, he has not had a chance to moderate it yet:

    ” Was interesting to read your post couple of weeks ago about your change to Kerio and your comment “horribly underpowered server” stuck out to me, thinking to myself a smaller office with a older/existing server might be nice fit.
    But, then, yesterday received a call, an office was having outlook 2007/2003 lock up issues on Windows 7. Went over and had my first exposure to Kerio Connect 7 running on ml class server using raid 5 with 4 of 25 users having 8+ gig (lots of 20+ meg ppt/jpgs) mailboxes and was having issues looking at mail, searching mail, etc.
    Found on the server that the mailbox storage structure reminded me of outlook express, each folder (cal, inbox, contacts, etc) had a ‘folder’ on the server containing a file for each item in that folder. Inside the ‘calendar” folder for one user we even found (assuming drag and drop mistake) three email folders each containing 2-3 gigs of email, thousands of individual .eml files.
    Went back and reread your post a couple of times and started researching Kerio via their knowledgebase, forums and web. Seems Kerio does need a ‘big’ server and would work better on 15k non raid 5 drives vs standard raid 5 server drives.
    Going back next week.

    ah… I just watched your video interview with Harry Brelsford where you mention your using Kerio with ‘three’ users.”