I have been getting the warning that my SharePoint config file is greater than a gig. 


And I recently got it again…. So… how do you keep the BPA from warning me like that?

Flip the SharePoint config database from Full to simple.

Find the SQL management tools and run as admin to launch them.

Then connect to  \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query

And drill down to the SharePoint config database

Right mouse click on properties and drill down to the options section

And flip the recovery model from full to simple


2 Responses to I have been getting the warning that my SharePoint config file is greater than a gig.

  1. Mark Davies says:

    Is that really the best response? The database log file is getting large because the transaction log isn’t being backed up, so it keeps on growing. While putting it into simple recovery mode stops the log from growing, it does so by clearing the log after every transaction. This means you are unable to do a point in time restore of SQL server in the event of a failure, because you haven’t got the logs. All you can do then is restore the previous backup and loose any data since the last backup. That’s why the script in the MS knowledge base article actually backs up the log, after which the log file can be shrunk. This can also be achieved through a database maintenace plan if you have the sql server management studio installed.

  2. bradley says:

    It’s a SharePoint config file. If I lose it, I’ll have most likely lost the entire server and will be restoring the whole shebang.

    I’m not touching the other databases.