Added to the “my brain is getting old and I can’t remember all this stuff” document  is the tip from Yves Gourle about fixing an alert you might see for

Task scheduler failed to start “\User_Feed_Synchronization-{guid}” task for user “<DOMAIN>\user”

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Since a server is probably not syncing RSS feeds, there’s a task that runs in the background that is not needed on the server.  In some cases you may see an alert in the event logs that indicate that the rss sync has not completed.  While it can be ignored, you can also adjust the rss feed sync to not occur.   This tip is courtesy of Yves Gourle:

You can disable the automatic feed sync as follows:

  • Run the following command (with a command prompt started with elevated rights) : msfeedssync disable
  • Or in IE options go to content  -feeds and web slices,  click on settings  and uncheck “automatically check for feeds”

One Response to Task scheduler failed to start “\User_Feed_Synchronization

  1. Paul Crosbie says:

    This had been bugging me for over a year. Only found a solution a week ago. Did the first one and it works.