Man was I in the dog house until I got this working again

Adobe Forums: Damaged AIR file:

It’s a mini cooper cuckoo clock that runs on Adobe Air and somehow got mangled and I couldn’t uninstall it and couldn’t reinstall it without this funky error message about a damaged air file.

Great,  Karen’s gonna kill me as she wants that working.

I ended up going through the registry and finding all the places where cuckoo was and mini cooper related to it and ripping it out bit by bit and reinstalled it.  Whew… out of the doghouse on that one.  So fyi “damaged air file” means “you’ve already installed it and it didn’t fully uninstall and now you need to rip it out via registry”.

BTW if you are between SF, LA, Phoenix, and Denver on the west coast and see Mini Coopers running around next week there’s a launch of a new Mini Cooper SUV that the Mini cooper folks are celebrating


More info on “Mini takes the states”



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