Trick of the trade.. first whatever issue you are hitting try googling on “sbs blog” and then the topic at hand.

Sometimes googling is hazardous to our servers.  Case in point is SharePoint.  Instead of running the and fixing the backconnection values as noted there, people are searching and hitting  Which tells you to solve your problem change the log in.  But…and this is a biggie… do that and later on you’ll get nailed issues trying to update SharePoint.

Trust me, you don’t want to follow that KB.  If you do, you’ll end up barfing on the recent SharePoint security update… see item 15 in the top issues post

Sometimes… google is not our friend and gives us bad information.

15.  After a recent security update, SharePoint fails to work as expected.

a.  Reason:  On some (not all) servers, the recent SharePoint security update will not complete the update.  On others, you may have googled some information and changed the log in of the search service.  Don’t do that.  You’ll make your server go boom on updating with this patch. 

b.  Solution:  Follow this blog post for ways around the issue.  In many cases merely running psconfig as noted there will solve the issue.  In others, change the account back to local service and rerun psconfig.

If none of these help you ANY issue with a security update is a free support call to Microsoft.  Call 1-800-Microsoft or your local Microsoft office.  Indicate that you had an issue with a security update.


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