Yes, it’s no longer supported

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Today was the Mini Cooper send off from Santa Anita racetrack to Arizona

And yes, I did find it odd that at the venue where the Mini launch party was held — the Wallis Annenberg building of Science Learning and Innovation that they wre still running Windows 2000 on a computer

Yes, it’s no longer supported.


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  1. Joe Raby says:

    Back in my day, they had computers that were 18 shades of off-white, often called “beige”. Keyboards had coiled wires that you’d have to constantly untangle so that you had something to do while the floppy disks would load your software. And screens were these monstrous things that took up your whole desk, but somehow only a foot diagonally was actual “screen” and using it for more than a week meant that you were predestined to wearing prescription spectacles.

    Those were the best times of computering.