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Just posted this to the SBS2k listserve and thought I’d reblog it here:

More on SBS Aurora Playing Nice With OCS : The OCS Insider:

*”Aurora cannot be added to an existing AD domain. It must create a new one.* Microsoft intends Aurora for NEW businesses only. And this is how they make that clear.”

Per discussions with folks on the SBS team there will be a migration story.

“I’m sure there will be an OCS option within SBS Aurora when it’s released. Whether that’s a plugin to run it directly through the dashboard, or a cloud-based app to connect the two.”

(Jaded SBSer who has bugged and asked for a lighterweight Live communication server for YEARS now with no one from the OCS team seeing a marketplace in SMB)   I’m honestly not so sure.  It will only happen if you start asking your MS contacts to have the OCS team build one or your vendors that you get hosted OCS from.

IMHO it’s dumb to think that an on premises OCS is feasible for aurora… OCS on paper wants 3 servers.  So I’d be looking at hosted OCS and I’d be asking your vendors that provide hosted OCS to download the Aurora SDK and start thinking of building a plug in.   In fact anything that you’d like to see added and extended, think of a vendor that could do that and ask them to take a look at Aurora Server.


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